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INFORMATION ON ALLERGIES  Lists NHS allergy clinics and useful allergy information   Recipes and information for anyone on a restricted diet Latex allergy support group


TEENAGERS WITH ALLERGIES/ANAPHYLAXIS Advice and support on living with allergies/anaphylaxis Teen forum and support on getting on with life with allergies


PRODUCTS FOR PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES    Medical ID jewellery    Products for food intolerances and special diets     Chemical free bath and hair products, for sensitive skin High quality food for people with allergies and intolerances

Haymax A natural, drug free pollen barrier, ideal for kids


GENERAL CHILD/PARENTING ISSUES    Stylish Children's Emergency Bracelets customised with a parents phone number to enable quick contact should a child get lost or be involved in an emergency.    ID tags for children's coats & bags INDICARE the compact Emergency first aid guide.  A take-anywhere fully illustrated, waterproof concertina booklet with step by step instructions on what to do if baby/child starts choking or stops breathing.






BUSINESS NETWORKING Networking for mums in business

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