Always Read the Label was founded by Daniella Poonawala, a mother of 3 young girls and a Baby Signing teacher.  
She had 2 main inspirations for starting this business: 
The first came to her whilst running her baby signing classes. She became aware that more and more young children were suffering from food allergies and intolerances. There had been a couple of incidents where allergic babies had managed to get hold of forbidden foods or drinks, and because others where unaware of the dangers they had not responded by trying to remove the offending items. Their parents were frantic. Daniella thought it would be great if there were some clear, fun way of making others aware of the child's allergies without having to make an announcement at the beginning of every class and then again for any late comers? 
 The second occurred to her little closer to home. Her eldest daughter has a severe allergic (anaphylactic) reaction to horse dander which has caused her to be hospitalized and prescribed an Epi-pen (adrenaline auto injector) to carry around at all times.  Unfortunately this daughter also has asthma and strong allergic reactions to dust, pollens and other animals. As her daughter is getting older and craves more independence Daniella started to trawl the internet for products that her fashion conscious daughter would deem acceptable to own and been seen with by her friends!  
This was nigh on impossible so she decided to gather together all the best products she could find from around the world and once they had passed the fashion police (her 3 daughters!) sell them in the UK.

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